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Entering Series
The intent of this series is to fulfill many expressed needs from both newcomers and those who have already been attending All Saints for some time. They were designed to work together and build on each other, but each is also a class unto itself.

Audio, Video and Other Resources from the In-Person Sessions held Fall 2011
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Ongoing Spiritual Formation Classes
Spiritual formation classes are available and open to all. Classes are held for all age groups from children to adults from September through May.

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George Stewart Academy of Spiritual Formation
Several times during the year, All Saints' offers opportunities to deepen one's spiritual life through a multitude of expressions. Audio files and handouts from recent sessions are available for download here.

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Ministries and Outreach
Our lay ministries are organized around the diverse needs and talents of our congregation, our purpose and core values.

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"All Saints music is joyous by design, God's presence in our most worthwhile doing as a faithful community -- worship radiating into all of life." - from a choir member

The All Saints' Choir, led Music Director Arlene Long, is highly regarded as one of our great treasures. The choir and their music are certainly a strong and vital part our worship at the later Sunday service and during other special services and concerts throughout the year. Choir rehearsal is on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. and there is an open invitation to any who wish to join them.

Each choir member brings different gifts to choir - each person is a gift, each person is important, and our director works to bring them all together, like pieces of a puzzle, for the best picture. In rehearsal and in services, Arlene and the choir members make a real effort to give attention to the guidance of the Spirit, moment by moment. They discuss from time to time how that feels, what it requires of each one in terms of setting aside individual ideas, even while keeping their knowledge and skills of music. They allow themselves to experience whatever they're experiencing personally at that moment, AND to recognize their part in the larger picture. Creating music becomes the vehicle for practicing the spiritual life.

The LifeStreams Band is under the volunteer direction of Gary Chatham and they serve during the Lifestreams services. Their music is frequently contemporary and always reflective of our divine inner stirrings. This creative group of musicians includes both instrumentalists and singers to bring the liturgy alive in a way that engages people of ages - most especially children and youth. Contact the office if you are interested in joining the LifeStreams Band as they currently do not have a regular rehearsal schedule.

Another resource for those seeking spiritual formation is our library. Please feel free to come by the church and browse the selection, or email the librarian for recommendations if you are interested in a particular topic.