The All Saints' Reader

Life is a journey. Yet, no matter what path we've taken, we've all landed here. 

The All Saints' Reader is All Saints' literary journal comprised of the many voices, thoughts, hearts, and stories of our friends and fellow parishioners. The journal aims to share wisdom gained and wisdom earned with our readers, feed the spirit, and stir the soul. 

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Here's a "sneak peek" of our current issue:

An excerpt from "Sixteen Words":

"As we prepare for the service, there is usually some banter mixed with mic checks, etc.  But, on this day, I kept hearing her say: "Let Truth be told. Let Love be lived; Let Hope be real. Let peace be lasting." Eventually, I took it as a mantra of sorts and scribbled it on top of my music page..."

-Arlene Long

An excerpt from "You Feed Them":

"Before we left, we were advised to buy tee shirts identifying us as volunteers with Catholic World Charities.  “It’ll make things easier,” we were told. All of us did. I always did look good in teal, anyway." 

-Chuck Etheridge

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Alice Berecka is a parishioner and member of Vestry and Altar Guild at All Saints' Episcopal Church in Corpus Christi, Texas. Retired after 40 years of teaching English in the high school classroom, Alice now enjoys attending multiple book clubs and Writer's Studio meetings. She enjoys exploring her creative side through watercolor, acrylic painting, and crocheting. She is a member of the Corpus Christi Chapter of the American Association of University Women and a teacher consultant for the Coastal Bend Writing Project.