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Sundays at 10:15 am in person

Godly Play is an imaginative approach to working with children. It is deeply respectful to the Scripture and the child it works with. This approach supports, challenges, nourishes, and guides the spiritual quest of children. 

Jerome Berryman, Godly Play's creator, assumes that children have some experience with the mystery of God in their lives. Godly Play allows children to enter into parables, silence, sacred stories, and sacred liturgy in order to discover God, themselves, and the world around them.  


Join Gayle as she introduces us to some of the most timeless parables ever told! Click here to watch more on our Youtube channel. 

We also have a Children's Sermon every Sunday at the 10:30 service. Children in Godly Play are escorted to the sanctuary to participate. Parents are invited, too!


The Saints! is All Saints' Episcopal Church's own original programming. Similar to Montesorri Sunday School, The Saints! introduces children to saints loved by our church and the goodness they brought to our world. 

Join Ella as she introduces us to the saints of All Saints'. Click here to watch more on our Youtube channel.

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The journey from 6th grade to high school graduation is full of surprises and challenges. As our community changes, our offerings adapt.


Journey to Adulthood (J2A) is the name of the formation program at All Saints' that shapes what we offer for our youth. J2A seeks to reintroduce rituals and celebrations into the life of the parish. Each of the three 2-year sections focuses on different aspects of that "journey to adulthood" we know so well. J2A allows youth to explore their identity, their beliefs, and their roles in the world.


As our youth cultivate their own voice in this world, we're here to remind them they are not alone on their journey. Each class has two adult mentors who can walk beside them as they make their way. Please reach out to the Rev. Jonathan Wickham to find out more about our current offerings for youth.

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