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Welcome to All Saints'– a family committed to embracing the Divine in all through experiencing and sharing the compassionate story of Jesus Christ.

We are deeply rooted in the beauty of the Episcopal tradition while open to innovative ways of experiencing God's presence in all sacred traditions. We are committed to prayer, to compassionate engagement with the world, to spiritual formation and to the spirit of inclusion. All Saints' is a house of prayer for all God's people - and we warmly welcome your presence at any of our services, classes or events.


This Sunday: The Baptism of the Lord Presence?

When was the last time you got water thrown at you in church? If you've been hanging around All Saints' long enough it was probably at the most recent baptism service, or maybe at the Easter Vigil. We'll do it again this Sunday.

As part of our Episcopal Church sacramental worship tradition, we sprinkle the congregation with water as a reminder of our baptism. The practice, called asperges, is an outward and physical way for us to remember that our baptism is not only a historical event in our lives but an ongoing reality into which we are being called.

The first Sunday after the Feast of Epiphany is known as The Baptism of our Lord and is a celebratory reminder of Jesus' baptism by John in the River Jordan. His baptism marked the beginning of his public ministry. After he came out of the water Jesus embarked on a tireless path of loving, feeding, and healing. This is the baptism we share, and this is the baptism we are called to embrace.

As you receive the waters of baptism this Sunday you might consider: How are you being renewed in your baptism? What new call is greeting you as you emerge from the waters? What new path awaits in your pilgrimage of hope and love?

I'll see you in church this Sunday.
Fr. Jonathan+

Our regular worship and class schedule:

8 AM - Holy Eucharist without music - upstairs nave
9:00 AM - Youth Spiritual formation classes (Sep-May)
9:15-10:15 AM - Spiritual formation classes
10:30 AM - Children's Formation Classes
10:30 AM - Holy Eucharist enriched with music - upstairs nave

Wednesday: 11:30 AM Mid-day Holy Eucharist and Public Healing Service - upstairs nave

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